Choosing A Domain Name A Step To Claiming Your Piece of Virtual Real Estate

choosing a domain name 300x193 Choosing A Domain Name A Step To Claiming Your Piece of Virtual Real EstateChoosing a domain name is another step in the process of claiming your piece of virtual real estate.

The name you choose for your blog is referred to as your domain. Once registered the domain name then becomes the address for your blog.  It is what people will type in the search bar to find your blog.

Additionally, it will make your blog look more professional.  Just like you did with your niche, you will need to put some thought into choosing a domain name.

I teach the people how to choose their Niche and conduct keyword research first before choosing a domain name.

The following pointers should help you in choosing a domain name for your blog from your list of researched keywords.

4 Key Points To Choosing A Domain Name

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Point #1:  It is very important when choosing a domain name to consider what your blog is about, the tone of your blog and the niche you have chosen.

Point #2:  What is the vision for your blog?  Will it be for branding? Will you be teaching your readers?  Will you be reviewing products or selling as an affiliate?  Will it support an existing business you have?  These are all questions you should ask yourself.

Point #3:  When choosing a domain name it should be easy to spell, pronounce and memorable.  Try to keep it short.  This can be a challenge sometimes but do your best.  Stay away from ambiguous names such as. “”

The problem with this name is if you told a friend to visit your blog, you will then have to explain that it’s the #2 and not the words two, to or too so watch out for numbers and these kinds of words in your domain name.

You should also avoid hyphens and dashes.  Last but not least and very important, you want the .com extension.  There are other times when the other extensions are acceptable but in most cases go for the .com as most people assume a website is a dot com.

You will need to brainstorm on a few choices for choosing a domain name in case the first one or two you pick is unavailable.  You can add modifiers before and after your domain name such as “best, the, my,” ect.

For SEO purposes you keep your key phrase at the beginning as oppose to the end.   Additionally, exercise some caution that you are not setting yourself up to lose traffic to a more established site with a popular root word as yours.  So play around with some words until you find a name you like that falls within the pointers listed above.

There was and still is a practice to use an exact match keyword or phrase as your domain. Having your keyword as your domain name helps you to rank for it.  For example, if  you were building a blog to target Halloween sales you would build several blogs and choose domain names like “women pirate costumes” or “girls princess costumes” because these are long tail keywords that people actually use while searching for those types of costume.  Google favored these types of URL and ranked them very highly.

However, with the recent updates Google is not giving as much authority to having an exact match domain as before.  As a matter of fact some people were penalized for using them and had their sites lose rank in the search results.  Keep this in mind when choosing a domain name.

Point # 4: If you have chosen to teach or educate your audience you may want to consider your name when choosing a domain or a variation of it.  Some people have been able to do this very successfully.

However, if you decide to use your name carefully consider your long term strategy for your blog.  Are you building you as a brand?  If you are and you decide to sell your blog will it survive without you and are you willing to trust your name and reputation to someone else?  Can you imagine someone else being Oprah?  You get my point right?

However, here are some other reasons to register your name.  You can register your name and park it.  That means that you reserved it for future use.  This would prevent someone else from registering it as currently there are no regulations as to who can register a name.

Another reason is if you happen to make it big or get elected someone else will register your name and then try to sell it to you for some ridiculous price which by the way is another way you can earn income online.  It is called domain flipping.

With that said, I still do recommend that everyone should register their name even if you don’t use it for your blog.  You can use it for a very personalized and professional email address for example That looks a lot better than  

One more thing, there are mixed opinions about whether you should register your domain as private or not.  I do, and I recommend that you do as well.  The reason I do this is because if you don’t, your private information will be accessible to anyone.

Information such as your name and address and that you are the owner of the domain or blog.  This opens you up to unwanted spam, solicitation and junk mail.  But more importantly you don’t want a reader or some stranger ringing your doorbell.

Another reason you will want to keep it private is if your blog is successful your competition will come prying.  And one last thing, consider registering your domain for at least two years.

Now that you have a clear understanding of choosing a domain name Click Here To Register Domain Name This is my #1place for registering domains.
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 Choosing A Domain Name A Step To Claiming Your Piece of Virtual Real Estate
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 Choosing A Domain Name A Step To Claiming Your Piece of Virtual Real Estate
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