What Are Good Keywords And How To Find Them

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Good keywords are words or phrases that have low competition and high search volume.  These are the words and phrases people use when searching online for something specific.

They could be looking for information or they could be looking to purchase something.  If you are selling something not only do you want your keywords to have low competition and high search volume; you also want them to be profitable.

Therefore finding good keywords to drive traffic to your sales page, website, blog or article is an important aspect of marketing on the Internet.

Without relevant keywords for your target market, it is unlikely they will find your site. This could be a reason why your site is not getting any traffic or generating any sales. Ideally, you want a good mix of profitable keywords that are frequently searched with low competition.  This is one of many steps to laying a solid foundation for your site.  So you may be asking how to find good keywords.

How To Find Good Keywords?

The first thing you must do is identify your target market.  Then you must understand what their needs are.  If you have the answers to those questions then you will be in a better position to start your keyword research.  Understanding your target market will help you to find good keywords that they are likely to use when searching online.

Additionally, you will be able to provide better information for your target market as well as recommend products that are better suited to their needs.  Understanding your target market and finding good keywords is very important to getting your site ranked, increasing your traffic and getting sales.

SEC05 What Are Good Keywords And How To Find Them What Are Good Keywords And How To Find Them

As you are conducting your keyword research you will want to keep a list of all the keywords that you think may be a good match for your target market.  You will need to do some keyword analysis to find good keywords that meet your criteria of highly searched with low competition.  The keywords that you select will be the ones that you will focus your site’s content or article on.

If you understand your target market and their needs you should have no problem coming up with words to start your keyword research for good keywords.  Initially, start your search by walking in the shoes of your target market.  For example if they had a problem to solve what words would they use to find a solution.

Another way to find words and phrases to start your keyword research is to spy on your competitors.  The way this is done is to use the Google Keyword Tool.  Once inside the keyword tool simply perform a search on the competitor’s URL.  The Keyword tool will return a list of keywords that this site is focusing on.

Creating A Good Keyword List To Work With.

This list of keywords is important to you because as a competitor to the site you just spied on, you will find good keywords within that list that is searched often but are not very competitive.   You will also want to add these to your list for further analysis and use.  You also want these words to have a certain volume of searches as part of your criteria to qualify as good keywords.

As you are conducting your keyword research to find good keywords you will find keywords that consist of one word or many words.  While is it possible to rank for one word keywords I don’t advise that you use them especially if you are just starting out.  The reason is ranking for one word keywords can be difficult, highly competitive and discouraging.

Additionally, most people use more than one word to search for what they are looking for online.  Therefore, word combinations of 2 or more words also known as long tail keywords are best to use as good keywords.

Finding good keywords is not hard if you have a good understanding of the process.  There are several keyword research tools available such as Micro Niche Finder and SEO Cockpit.  Using either of these tools will help you to leverage your time as well as assist you in finding good keywords for your marketing efforts.


 What Are Good Keywords And How To Find Them
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 What Are Good Keywords And How To Find Them
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