Keyword Research – Why Keyword Research and Keywords are Important?

keyword research 201x300 Keyword Research   Why Keyword Research and Keywords are Important?Keyword Research:  Your SEO Foundation

Keyword research and keywords  are the foundation of good SEO practices for your articles, videos and blogs.

In order to have your site, articles and content found,  it is imperative that you are knowledgeable about keywords and their role in your overall SEO strategies and how to properly conduct keyword research.

Every one looking for information on the Internet has their own method as to how they find what they are looking for.  They may utilize social media, the search engines or link referrals from friends. With any of these methods the first step is giving some kind of criteria about what you are looking for that will help to get you closer to finding it.

This criteria is what we will refer to as a keyword or search terms. They can be as little as one or two words and even many words in some cases.  As a marketer you will be looking at and analyzing the way people search the Internet for the information they are looking for.  In a nutshell, you are looking to see what they are searching for and how you can best position your information or product so it can be found by them.  keyword research is the first part of this process.

Your Goal In Keyword Research

The ultimate goal of keyword research is finding words or phrases that people are using to find what they are looking for.  You want to find keywords that are highly searched but have low competition.  You also want to identify the words and phrases that correspond with your products or services that meet that and other criteria.

Proper keyword research and placement of these words can help you to get listed in the top search results on Google and other search engines. Doing proper keyword research will increase your success online exponentially.

In addition, researching keywords for your product, potential clients and niche will give you ideas to write about in your articles and blog post. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of keywords and keyword phrases that your target market uses to try to find your content. If you’re not using these words you’re not going to attract your ideal client to purchase your products and services.

It’s really that simple, do the research, and you will reap the rewards. Good keyword research will get you great keywords that will help you rank on the top listings on the search engines. People will find your blog or website because you’re writing about what they want to read.

Sure, there may be several other marketers in your market or niche, but if you research your keywords and practice proper keyword usage, your site will rank very high appearing on the first page of search results. People typically don’t look further than the first page for what they are looking for.   Having your site or content on the first page of search results usually translate into traffic and lots of sales.

Do not make the mistake and skip keyword research.

You can only find out what keywords in your niche are being used to find products and services by doing the research. If you don’t do the research you will not have the same results as someone who did.  Fortunately, it is not hard to do and the time spent will net you a tremendous return on investment sometimes immediately as well as over time.

You can do the research yourself using various tools like Google’s Keyword Tool, Micro-niche Finder, Seo Cockpit and others. The best place to start if on a budget is with Google’s free Keyword Tool.  However, I will caution that the key to having success with any keyword research tool is to have a good understanding of keyword research and keywords importance.  Having a good understanding and the keyword research skills will help you to interpret the data these various tools return.

Find keywords that get ranked, traffic and sales ultimately is the end result you are looking for and the underlying reason why keyword research and keywords are so important.

 Keyword Research   Why Keyword Research and Keywords are Important?
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 Keyword Research   Why Keyword Research and Keywords are Important?
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