Keyword Research Get A Basic Understanding Here

keyword research 300x297 Keyword Research Get A Basic Understanding Here

Keyword research is a procedure by which you determine if your assumptions about which search terms your target market uses to find your products and services are true while uncovering new keywords along the way that can increase your website traffic.

If you do your keyword research correctly, be ready, you will be successful at marketing your products and services. You can conduct keyword research after you’ve found a niche or to help you locate one. Doing keyword research will ensure the most targeted visitors find your site who wants to purchase what you are offering.

Keyword Research terms you will need to learn:

Keyword Research Tools – There are many tools that you can use both online and offline to assist you in your keyword research like Google Keyword Tool, Microniche Finder, SECockpit and others.

Just do a Google Search on “Keyword Research Tools” or “Keyword Research Software” and you’ll be surprised what you will find. Do your due diligence to ensure that what you purchase works the way it says. Take advantage of free trials offerings and follow all the directions offered.

Different Types of Keywords

One Word Keywords – This is obvious, they are one word; a word that a potential customer might type into a search engine to find your products and services. However, consider only using one-word keywords to start your keyword research and not actually on your site.

Starting with one word like “gloves” will work great to find other keywords to use, but using the keyword “gloves” alone would be extremely competitive and very difficult to rank for.

Keyword Phrases – This is two or more words.   While two words phrases makes  good keywords, three word phrases often referred to as long tailed keywords are much better as they more closely match how people actually search when looking for something online.

Keyword Supply & Demand – This refers to a couple of different issues: One – Are many people looking for a specific keyword with very few products showing up to fulfill the searches for those keywords?  Two – Is the niche already saturated and owned by a specific party, too much supply, and too little demand?

Keyword Competitiveness – Does the keyword or keyword phrase have a high bidding price or is there very little competition for a specific keyword or keyword phrase, yet many people still looking for it?

Understanding what these terms mean, and the various tools available to help you during your keyword research will go far in helping you become successful marketing on the Internet. In fact you’ll speed up the process exponentially and ensure your success with proper and thorough keyword research.

SEC05 Keyword Research Get A Basic Understanding Here Keyword Research Get A Basic Understanding Here

 Keyword Research Get A Basic Understanding Here
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 Keyword Research Get A Basic Understanding Here
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