Why A Mailing List Is An Important Must For An Internet Marketer

mailing list2 300x248 Why A Mailing List Is An Important Must For An Internet MarketerEvery Internet Marketer knows that their mailing list is the  life blood of their business.   If you are new to internet marketing list building should be a top priority.  Ask any successful Internet Marketer and they will tell you “the money is in the list”. 

The list is the names of people they have collected by offering them something in return for them to opt-in to their list.  The practice by most marketers is to offer the reader something they determine is valuable enough to them that they will exchange their name and email address for.


It may seem obvious to those who have been involved in Internet Marketing for a while but there are many websites that do not have a way of capturing visitors email addresses on their website.  This could potentially be costing them hundreds of dollars in loss income.  The best way to build your email list is to have an auto-responder.

Not only is it important that you build a list but more so that you strive for a warm list.  You may have heard the terms “cold list” and “warm list”.  A cold list is a list of subscribers who haven’t been contacted in a long time, so their response to emails you send would be low.  However, a warm list is when the list owner has been regularly contacting their list, interacting with them and offering them a reason to stay subscribed to that list.

Having a warm list is very important, not only does it mean that any offer or call to action you send out will be given a better response, but it also means that your conversion rates will be higher.  Your conversion rate is the number who actually buys or takes action, divided by the total number of subscribers you send the email to.

After you’ve had your list for a while you should know what your conversion rate is for different mailings.  Knowing this information will help you to determine how profitable each new subscriber will be as well as your existing subscribers.

Profitability is the main reason building a mailing list is important and once you know what your conversion rate is you can almost guarantee how much money you will make each time you send out a sales email recommending something to your list.

 How to keep your mailing lists growing and profitable.

  • First and foremost offer something of value to make your readers want to opt-in.
  • Build a relationship with your readers; let them know you are a real person.
  • Provide free resources, useful information and only recommend a well thought out offering of products that you trust for sale.
  • Never send useless offers just to make a buck, think long term profits as quick useless offers could ruin your long term earning potential from your list as well as affect your response rate.

Unfortunately, after hearing that the money is in the list some internet marketers start to spam their lists with offer after offer hoping for that big pay day.  It is very easy for your subscribers to unsubscribe and chances are they will never re-subscribe either and it’s your reputation on the line.

There are numerous ways to build your mailing list and it is important to note that by testing and measuring which methods bring the most opt-ins, you can create a highly effective list building strategy from which you will profit from for years to come.

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 Why A Mailing List Is An Important Must For An Internet Marketer
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 Why A Mailing List Is An Important Must For An Internet Marketer
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